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Your Wedding Needs an Experience!

Stop worrying about your wedding and let us handle the Gourmet Experience that your guests will talk about for years after the big day! 

Let's bring a 

gourmet experience to your Wedding!

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Coffee Bars are Trending!

If you love coffee, you've come to the right page! Only recently has coffee become more than just a beverage. For years coffee was just something you drank for breakfast and the occasional dinner. Not anymore! From lattes to Italian espresso, people want to enjoy these treats day or night. With the evolution of coffee in America these are treats that not only taste great but bring people together!


  • Thinking of great ideas that you and your guests will love

  • Budgeting for the frequent price changes your vendors will throw at you

  • Trusting that you chose a Professional Vendor that will show up to your wedding

  • Worried that you didn't create a unique enough experience your guests will remember

There is no reason to struggle!

Here is the Answer!

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Why have Hot Shots at My Wedding?

It's Fun!

You want an experience that is fun and exciting, not only for you but also your guests at your wedding! You want your guests to remember your wedding as the best event they have been to all year and for years to come. 


All of our services are beautifully set-up with a simple but professional look, with professional baristas in white serving jackets and black ties. When your guests see this experience, they will be taken back by the elegance that our service provides!


There's a lot about our services that you will love, but something that will immediately stand out at your wedding from start to finish is the professionalism of our services. You will also love how our Baristas will make sure your wedding is taken care of!


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Who is Hot Shots?

Hot Shots is a Gourmet Coffee Catering service that brings the gourmet coffee experience to you and your wedding! 


Think of everything that you get at your favorite coffee shop. It's all brought to your wedding and made by professional Baristas, that's us!

Our Service is Rooted in 


All of our Espresso and Equipment come straight from Italy

2020-08-12 23.24.17.PNG

Italian Espresso is the base for all of our gourmet lattes, paired with other high-end ingredients from Europe to create an experience at your event that you will not find anywhere else! 


Our Service has the option of 1 or 2 Baristas, for 2 hours, to create an experience flexible to your wedding

Our Baristas take after early 1900's Servers in Italian Cafes


All of our Baristas are not only professionally trained in coffee, but also in hospitality, to take care of all your guests needs!


You control the Experience

Choose your Experience!

2020-08-26 22.23.46.PNG
2021-01-29 22.37.49.PNG




Our Set-up is Quick and Simple!

What does this mean for you?

  • Easy and universal decor!

  • Fast set-up times!

  • Unobtrusive set-ups. We can even set-up during the reception!

  • Service can be set-up virtually anywhere you want. Indoors or Out!

  • Creates easy placement when planning the space with your planner.

But Wait...

It only gets better!

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You get the Gourmet Latte Experience!

These are not your boring coffee house lattes. All of our lattes include whipped cream and toppings so that each drink has its own personality!

These are the Lattes you can expect but.. 

As a Limited Time Bonus right now we are offering something you will NOT find anywhere else!

2020-08-12 23.34.13.PNG
2021-02-09 17.18.56.PNG
2019-08-13 14.23.56.PNG
2019-08-14 00.19.06.PNG

Printed Lattes!

What are Printed Lattes? 

  • Fully customizable latte art without the wait.

  • Lattes are made and printed in less than a minute!

  • More detailed than any latte art done by hand, we can put your face on a latte!

  • Lattes are printed with 100% espresso!

  • Ultimate WOW Factor for your wedding!

You get the Gourmet Latte Experience

You Get the Printed Latte Experience


You also get to choose an option from our one of a kind experiences:

2020-08-12 23.34.13.PNG

Printed Lattes




IMG_9872 (1).png
IMG_9871 (1).png

Italian Sodas



Hot Chocolate

Nitro Coffee

2020-08-12 23.24.17.PNG

You will get

Unlimited Servings!

What makes us Different?

When I started this business I never really thought we would be doing weddings, let alone even my own wedding this year!

I built a coffee catering company and focused on having the best products with a quick, high end service at a reasonable price. That was my goal. When I started to receive requests for weddings I was confused. I thought, "Coffee at a wedding?". Then it made perfect sense the more I started thinking about it. People want an experience, and who better to bring them a Coffee Experience than us!

Weddings went from a couple to a few to hundred over the years. We have become the "go to" for everything coffee and non-alcoholic options for brides, their families, wedding planners and even wedding caterers in the DFW Metroplex! 

We have a place in our heart for weddings, they are our favorite events now because they are incredibly personal and they create an outlet for our true passion! 

RT - B&W - DJS11146.jpg

Owner, Head Barista

Don't just take my word for it...


One of the best wedding vendors I worked with. They were dressed professionally and were friendly. Top notch. So glad that I had them there. Everyone loved the coffee. Hot Shots was a hit!


Hot Shots provided specialty coffee catering at our wedding and it was wonderful! The coffee was tasty, and Chris was an extremely courteous, prompt, and professional vendor.


My wedding guests ranted and raved over the gelato we provided with Chris from Hot Shots! It was such a unique touch to our reception! We opted for the gelato over serving cake, and I believe the guests were super happy about it! :) 

What our Brides are saying!


Happy Brides

had an 

Experience that

made their


Will you?


What You will Get!


  Professional Baristas

 They will set-up and serve your guests for 2 hours, and includes clean up after the wedding!

 (Value = $1,000 alone)


Full Turn Key Service

Give us a Date and Time and we will take care of the rest. The most you will need to provide is power and a reasonable spot for our set-up. We will work with your vendors to make sure everything is taken care of prior to the big day! 

2020-09-01 23.49.47.PNG

5 Gourmet offerings

5 Offerings to choose from to create an Experince that you will NOT find anywhere else! 

(Value = Thousands of $$$ with other caterers since they are NOT set-up to do these services.)

2020-09-01 14.16.15.PNG

Unlimited Servings

No need to count cups and worry about running out! ($899 most coffee shops!)


Bonus: Free Tasting

 A Tasting where you and your friends and family get to try our services with no obligation to purchase!

 (Value = $300)

2020-08-12 23.34.13.PNG

Bonus: Printed Lattes 

 Included as a FREE offering if you so choose to have it. Exclusively at Hot Shots!

 (Value = $1,000)

You could spend over $5,000 dollars from anyone else to get an experience not even close to what we are offering! 

We make it simple so you don't have to worry about your Wedding. Let the Professionals on our end create an experience your guests will Love and Remember!

Our Pricing for our The Wedding Experience is as follows;

1 Barista

2 Baristas

2020-03-06 08.07.47.JPG



2020-02-27 15.33.04.JPG


Additional Time, Baristas, and Experiences are Always Available

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