Wedding Package

Coffee bars and weddings have just recently started to catch on but go hand in hand as many of the wedding magazines will tell you. Hot Shots can provide any type of drinks you would like on that special day. We can do customization, from cups to the Bride and Grooms favorite flavored drink in their honor!
(We can combine hot and cold drinks for this package)

Hot Drinks
This package includes:
Regular Latte, Regular Cappuccino, Americano, French Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte, and up to four more for your choosing. (Refer to our Menu)

Cafe Coolers (Frozen frappucchino type)
This package includes:
Caramel de leche, Mocha Glacier, and one for your choosing.

This is the most custom package we offer so pricing varies and what we can do also varies. View the Amenities page or contact us so we can offer you the most for that special day!




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