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The Ultimate Wedding Expereince!

If you love coffee, you've come to the right page! Only recently has coffee become more than just a beverage. For years coffee was just something you drank for breakfast and the occasional dinner. Not anymore! From lattes to Italian espresso, people want to enjoy these treats day or night. With the evolution of coffee in America these are treats that not only taste great but bring people together!

Who is Hot Shots?

Hot Shots is a High-end Gourmet Coffee Catering service with over 15 years of experience that brings the gourmet coffee experience to you and your wedding! 


Think of everything that you get at your favorite coffee shop. That's all brought to your wedding and made by professional Baristas, that's us!

Why have Hot Shots at My Wedding?

Fast Service

Traditional Coffee service was never meant to be fast, though we broke the mold in mobile coffee by making the fastest service possible with our proprietary system. The last thing you want for your wedding is a huge line of people waiting to be served for hours. With us you will rest assured you have the fastest service in the industry!


All of our services are beautifully set-up with a simple but professional look, with professional baristas in white serving jackets and black ties. When your guests see this experience, they will be taken back by the elegance that our service provides!


There's a lot about our services that you will love, but something that will immediately stand out at your wedding from start to finish is the professionalism of our services. You will also love how our Baristas will make sure your wedding is taken care of!


It's Fun!

You want an experience that is fun and exciting, not only for you but also your guests at your wedding! You want your guests to remember your wedding as the best event they have been to all year and for years to come. 

So How does it work?....

We Make it Easy!

Step 1:

Choose The Look

We always welcome your custom decor and can always customize with your logo or artwork. Services are based on Bar or Cart some restrictions may apply.

Step 2:

Choose Your Experience

Each Package includes 1 Experience. Additional experiences are available for a fee. Limitations are based on packages, please review this when you choose your package. 

The Experiences

Printed Latte Experience

2020-08-12 23.34.13.PNG

Imagine your Logo or Image on every latte! In less than 15 seconds you can engage with your customer, employee, or guests in a very fun way that they have never seen before and will get them talking for months about this experience at your event!


All we need to put your image on a Latte is a good jpg or PNG file (No adobe or technical files Needed)


We can also offer our services to come up with a image as well at no extra charge.


When offering this service please note that our standard toppings are not offered since the print will take up the space on top of the drink.

Step 3:

Choose Your Package

Step 3:

Choose Your Package

The Piccolo

One Barista
1 Experien
(Add an Additional Experience)
unlimted Servings
2 Hours Service
   25 Miles of Dallas

The Grande

1 Experien
(Add an Additional Experience)
unlimted Servings
2 Hours Service
   25 Miles of Dallas

Additional Experiences - $495
Additional Time 
Unlimited Servings $250 Per Hour, $175 Per 1/2 Hour
Additional Barista - $650

We Cater Nationwide please request Travel Pricing


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