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Don't Miss this opportunity, Book now!

Here's What you'll Get:

  •  Professional Baristas to set-up and serve your guests including clean up after the Event! (Value = $1,000 alone)

  •  Unlimited Servings, No need to count cups and worry about running out! ($899 most coffee shops!)

  •  5 offerings to choose from to create an Experience that you will NOT find anywhere else! (Value = Thousands of $$$ with other caterers since they are not set-up to do these services.)

  • ​  New Offering! Printed Lattes, a FREE offering if you choose to have it. Exclusively at Hot Shots! An additional WOW factor for your guests by showing off your brand, clients, or products!

"We Loved " Hot Shots! What a treat and a big hit with our guests!."

- Meredith

"Hot Shots provides excellent customer service, delicious coffee drinks and is always a pleasure to work with!"


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