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Your Clients are Bored and your Employees are Tired!

In today's business world it feels like everyone is asking for our attention and all of our time is limited. 

If you are planning events, meetings, and company functions you know this all to well. What is happening to you is happening to everyone in the company, though your job is to create a solution for this problem. 

You need to get people excited, interacting, and alert in a meeting or at a company event. If you are in sales you need to get a client to do the same.

Why be Normal?

Lets face it no one wants to be normal.

You can't sell normal, you cant wake up your employees with normal. 

You need an experience, but what if you and your company continue to be normal?

1. This may sound harsh but you could lose your job. Right? No matter what your job is you were probably hired for a reason and if that reason has anything to do with closing a deal or gathering a group of people you need to be different and fun!

2. Company can lose moral and have high turn over. This adds stress to all levels of a company and could even lose revenue.

3. Lower gross income. When the company is boring, the employees lose interest and are likely to lose motivation or possibly their own jobs. When a company doesn't close new deals or attract old customers this leads to less profits.

We have the


Welcome to Hot Shots!

We Serve the Best Coffee from Italy, and the Best Syrups from France!

Who is Hot Shots?

Hot Shots is a Gourmet Coffee Catering service that brings the gourmet coffee experince to you and your Wedding! 


Think of everything that you get at your favorite coffee shop brought to your wedding and made by professional Baristas, that's us!

What do we offer?

Everything you see here, in a professional bar setting

Why have Hot Shots at My Company?

It's Fun!

You want an experience that is fun and exciting not only for you but also your guest at your wedding! You want your guests to remember your wedding for being the best event they have been to all year if not for years to come. 


All of our services are beautifully set-up with a simple but professional look, with professional baristas in white serving jackets and black ties. When your guest see this experience they will be taken back, by the elegance that our service provides!


Hot Shots is a Gourmet Coffee Catering service that brings the gourmet coffee experince to you and your Wedding! 


Think of everything that you get at your favorite coffee shop brought to your wedding and made by professional Baristas, that's us!


Italian Sodas


Hot Chocolate

Nitro Coffee

All of our services are Al a Carte and we make pricing very simple!

Industry Facts

  • The average employee drinks 1,000 cups of coffee per year! your employees love coffee!

  • Coffee Drinkers spend a total on average of 190 days drinking and dealing with coffee at the work place. That's roughly 24 mins a day dealing with coffee and not being productive. Imagine how we could change that!

  • Coffee Drinkers are more productive than non coffee drinkers in the workplace. Coffee is also healthy and improves brain function.

  • Studies have show that coffee drinkers bring home more annual income than those who don't drink coffee.

Our Service is Rooted in 


All of our gourmet Lattes are made from the best in ingredients



Our Baristas take after early 1900's Servers in Italian Cafes

All of our Baristas are not only professionally trained in Coffee but also in hospitality to take care of all your guest needs!

Our Set-up is Quick and Simple

What's this mean for you?

  • Easy and Universal Decor!

  • Fast Set-up times!

  • Unobtrusive set-ups, We can set-up even durring a meeting!

  • Service can be Set-up virtually anywhere you want! Indoors or Out!

  • Creates easy placement when planning the space with your event needs. Conference rooms, break rooms, small kitchens, you name it we can set-up!

But Wait...

It only gets better!

All Lattes come with Whipped cream toppings and drizzles!

No boring coffee here!

Owner, Head Barista

When I started this business I never really thought we would be doing weddings let alone even my own Wedding this year!

I built a coffee catering company and focused on having the best products possible, with a quick, high end service at a reasonable price. That was my goal. When I started to receive quotes for Weddings at first even I was confused, I thought "Coffee at a Wedding?" Then it made perfect sense the more I started thinking about it. People want an experience and who better to bring them a Coffee experience than us!

Weddings went from a few to a couple to hundreds over the years and we have become the "goto" for everything Coffee and Non-alcoholic for Brides, their families, Wedding planners and even Wedding caterers in the DFW Metroplex! 

We have a place in our heart for Weddings, they are our favorite events now because they are son personal which creates an outlet for our true passion! 

What makes us Different?

Don't just take my word for it see..

What our Clients are saying!

We Serve


And for good reason!

Our Guarantee

  • Service will always be on time with a professional Barista and service, which means you never will need to worry about your event like those other guys...

  • You will have the best coffee in Dallas! Italian Coffee is the cream of the crop when it comes to where the best coffee in the world comes from!

  • You will have the best experience in Dallas! There is a reason why Dallas's premier event planners and caterers call on us to serve their guests

  • Your guests, clients, and employees will LOVE this service and want us back year after year!

So stop being Normal

and Start being            Extraordinary  

give your clients and Employees what they really want and see what a great experience can do for you!