What Is Hot Shots?


     Hot Shots offers Gourmet Coffee Drinks for anyone who is planning an event and wants to make a great impression on their guests. 

  What makes Hot Shots different from any other caterer? 
    We specialize in creating a gourmet Espresso and Coffee Bar experience  utilizing  a very quick and mobile set up without sacrificing elegance or the great taste of gourmet coffee.  Pleasing our customers with the great taste of our drinks is our top priority. We have designed our menu around those great flavors and tastes you would expect to experience in a great coffee shop and we don't stop there. Our equipment and the products we use are unbeatable, and we offer Custom Drinks and make our coffee bar suit to your needs for your event.

Most other coffee caters will say that they can do what we do but normally will not have the commercial grade equipment power that we have to handle events for more than 30 people.

We also aim to please a higher clientele; most of our customers are using our service for weddings and corporate events. In doing that you know that our service cannot risk being second best when we are dealing with many Fortune 500 companies and some of the best wedding coordinators in the DFW area. When the experts want coffee they call us!

What type of service does Hot Shots provide?

Hot Shots provides a full coffee bar service. This means that our bar comes with everything needed to create a great coffee experience for your guests. The only thing we ask our customers to supply is electricity and space. We include the Baristas, equipment, tables, everything all the way down to the sugars and cream.

What type of events does Hot Shots serve?
    Any event that you can think of we will do. Here's a list of the most common events we have catered.


Corporate events
Personal events
Hospital events
Auto dealership sales and events
Church functions
Family reunions
Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
Sweet 16s
Art galleries
Fashion galleries
Holiday events

How Many People can Hot Shots serve?

    We can do as little as ten people all the way up to a thousand plus.


Dont be fooled by the "Unlimited Drinks" notion! If a Coffee cater can do Unlimited Drinks, really what this means is that they have a limit to how many drinks they can do an hour and you are bound by that! Any professional would not tell you this... Does your food cater say unlimited food? Professionals guarantee their services and that is exactly what we do here at Hot Shots!

How Expensive is an Espresso and Coffee Bar?

    We are very reasonable; in fact we can do an event much more cost effectively than you trying to host it yourself,  saving you all the headaches, giving you time to enjoy your event!

What does a Coffee Bar normally include?

Our basic package of service comes with a Regular Latte, Regular Cappuccino, Americano, shots of espresso, decaf options and flavors of your choosing. We include everything else that would be expected: napkins to sugars, equipment to table cloths.

Does Hot Shots just serve Coffee Drinks?
    No, we can do several types of different drinks, not just Coffee and Espresso, and with many, many types of flavors - Hot and Cold. Below are examples from our menu. The only thing we do not handle is alcohol. Though we do have Baristas that are TABC certifed so they can serve Alcohol.

Hot Chocolate
Iced Latte's and Coffees
Holiday Drinks
Frozen Drinks

Italian Sodas

Teas (Hot and Cold)

How do I get started?

We make it real simple. If you have all of your information about your event ready to go and have a good idea of what type of Coffee bar package you want, then please give us a call at 469 - 877- 7390 or fill out our form on the event set-up page above.

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